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(How) can I upgrade from Windows 98 to Vista?

(Resolved) 98se\iexplorer

(Solved) Help with Win98 Explorer Application

(Solved) Networking Between ME and 98

(Solved) Win98 SE key?

(Solved) windows 98

[Resolved] Install 2000 Pro and uninstall 98

[Resolved] Lost "Accessories" win 98

[Resolved] Re-installed windows 98 now i have 16 colors

[Resolved] Networking Win98 to WinXP

[resolved] win 98 slow to start up

[Resolved] Win 98 will not boot {virus and vkd error}

[Resolved] Windows 98 help requested

[Solved] 98 Computer Hidden from rest of network (XP

[SOLVED] 98se and winxp

[Resolved] Newbies to Networking-Win98 to Win98SE

[SOLVED] can't instal winxp pro or 98se

[Resolved] Windows 98 hangup at login

[Solved] installing win98 on a winXP system

[Solved] modem in win98/2000

[SOLVED] Matsushita CR-562-B CD-ROM drive with Win98

[SOLVED] Making a Network between 98 and XP

[SOLVED] networking problems--WIN98SE and WIN XP

[SOLVED] Ntwk Win98se to WinXP w/crossover cable?

[SOLVED] Weird Windows 98 SE Startup problem

{Advice Offered} - Problems lgging Win98 on to the WinNT 4 DOMAIN

{Advice Offered} - networking with Win 98SE

{Advice Offered} - NT to 98 can I unpartition

{Advice Offered} - WinNT Server and Win98 Network.

{Advice Offered} - Workstation NT and Windows 98 LAN setup

{Advice Offered} - Win 98SE and multiple network configs

{Resolved} - DOS loss of time under W2000

{Moved to Win9x Hardware Forum} - Pentium-75 hard drive limits

{RESOLVED} Modem win 98

{Moved To Win9x Operating System Forum} - PC does not boot from A:

{Advice Offered} - Switching to Windows 98

{RESOLVED}Still only 16 do I find video driver?

{RESOLVED}win98 ethernet

{Solved} - Networking '95 with '98

{RESOLVED}loading Windows 98

{Advice Offered} - Win95 and network logon

{Solved} Reloading Windows 98 using PCMCIA CDROM drive!

{RESOLVED}windows 98 initiation file

{SOLVED}Win95 does not list original ESS ES 1868 (P&P)

120 GB HDD and Windows 98SE

2 Computers w/ Win 98SE and Network Gaming

2000/XP networking

20g HD recognized as 2gig in Win98SE

2 win98se problems

2 Win98 & an XP. How does this work?

2x disks XP fail /1x disk Win 98 perfect

98 & XP simple two machine network

98 after xp

98 to xp printer sharing

98 and XP

98se over NT!

98 to 2000

98 and xp via wireless network

98SE drivers

98 usb not working at all

98 won't completely shut down

98 machine can't see Nt Machine.

98/XP Network

98SE Upgrade to XP Home

98se to xp

98 and XP network

98 se or xp

98SE Will Not Boot

95/98 can't see XP shares

98 to XP

A light on USB devices problems in Win98SE

About Blank. Win 98 SE

Access 98SE from XP Pro?

Access NT from Win98

Accessing files on W95 machine from NT

Accessing files on XP through a 98SE computer

Add Windows 98 computer to home network?

Adding Win XP Laptop to Win 98SE P2P Network

Adding Win98 for ADSL access and file/print sharing

Adding XP to Windows 98SE

Advice for WIN98 programs to run on XP

after format wont recognize oemcd001 driver

Anti-Virus for 98

antivurus scanner problems w98se

Aterm WL11CB 98 drivers.

Audio issue - Windows 98

Audio not working on Windows 98

autologon for windows 98 on a local area network

back up pc win 98

Backing files up in Windows 98 Microsoft

backup on windows 98

bad res in windows 98

Best Free AV and Firewall programs supported by Windows 98

Best CD file sharing ?-98se

Booting from an Old Windows 98 Hard Drive

Brand new hardware compatability with 98

Browser for Win 98SE

Browsing windows 98 files

cable modem/router/win 98

can I install network card without W98 CD?

Can I install win98 over winXP

Can i install win98 too?

Can I make a LAN between XP and 98?


Can I install Win98

can I use 2 monitors in win 95? ( as in win98)

Can I use FDISK with Windows NT?

Can New ATI Graphics Card Run on Windows 2000?

Can I use XP icons in Win98se?

Can Win XP laptop get info from W98SE PC?

Cannot access Windows 98 shares from domain

Cannot Access Win98 Machines from XP Machine

Cannot connect through ADSL on Win 98

Can't Connect to Wireless Network with Firefox and Win 98

cant completely reboot win 98

Can't find ext hd/Win98

can't get any of my mouses to work on my win. 98 computer

Can't install 98 driver for Dell memory key

Cant network Win xp and Win98SE

Can't reinstall W/98SE

Can't see Windows XP PC from Win98SE PC on network

CD drives vanished from Win 98 system

CD burner not recognized after upgrade to win98se

CD Rom Win98

CD rom works when installing Win98

CD/DVD for win 98

CD-ROM / Win98 Problem

CD-Rom Won't Boot to Win-98.

CD-RW not recognized by Win98

Changing the Registrant for Microsoft Windows 98

changing from 98SE to XP

Changing my O.S. from Win98 to Win2000

Clean Install over win 98

Comments about upgrade from 98SE to Win2K Please

Computer freezes at WIndows 98 Load Screen

Computer freezes while loading into Windows 98.

Computer upgrade from windows 98

Confused with 98se connected to Xp wireless

Connect as in Windows 95/98

Connect a Win 98 pc to wireless network

Connect Windows 2000 to Windows XP

Connecting 2 Win98 machines

Connecting a cable modem to a Windows 98

Connecting a WindowsXP machine to a Windows98 machine via Direct Cable Connection

connecting two computers witn win98se

Connecting Windows XP with windows 98 as network

Connecting WINXP and WINME

Connecting XP computer to Win2000 network

Connecting Win 95

connecting windows 98 second edition to a linux server

Converting this code to support Windows 98

Converting from Win NT to Win 98

Copying files from Win 98 to Win XP

Copying Files From 8086 Ms-dos To Win98

copying files from 98 to xp

Create windows 98 Boot Disk

Decent free antivirus sw for windows 98

Delays in accessing Vista system across network

Digital camera needs Win 98 disc?

direct network between xp & me

Directory Sort Utility for Win98 OS

disable welcome to windows 98

Direct Networking in Win98

display and audio drivers for Win98

Display adapter for Windows Me

display problems on windows98

Do all USB stick drives need a driver for 98?

Does Windows 7 have desktop backgrounds like Windows 98

Does W98 Support S.M.A.R.T. Hard Drives?

Download corruption - Win98

Download Windows 98

DOS Directory Display in Win2000

dual booting Xp with windows 98

Dual Boot 98/XP.FFD Quit.No Win98

Dual boot - installing 98 after XP

Dual booting with Windows ME

Dual Boot XP & ME

Dual Booting Windows XP with Windows 98

dun between xp home and win98

DVD will not read data in win98 but does in Win2000

edmc - Windows 98 shuts down

enable usb support for windows 98

Error Message 5BEDD58h when installing XP over 98

Eudora can't access Win98 system files

ethernetworking 2 win 98 pcs

external backup that works with windows 98 or even windows 95 ?

External USB Drive on Win98SE

fdisk with vista and no floppy drive

FDISK on a 20Gb hard drive with Windows 98

fdisk with WinME

Few Issues on Win98 and hardware

File & print sharing inwin '98 - What am I missing?

file transfer from 98 to XP

File/printer sharing win98

file transfer WIndows 98 to Vista

file transfer win98 to xp

file transfer getting worsened on shared Network Drive (Windows 2000 server)

Files frm windows 98 to vista

file transfer from Win98 to WinXp

Fix Windows 98 that son crashed

Flash Drive in Windows 98

Flash Drive won't work with Windows98

flash drive in win98SE?

floppy drive w/ win98se

Floppy drive from '98 to XP

font problem in windows 98/me

Format NT Machine to Win98

forced hardware windows 98

Formating a win98 drive to use a a second hard drive in XP

From ME to XP

gah! windows xp/2000 networking help needed badly

Games for win95/98

Games that are on Windows 98

Gaming.XP or Win 98se

Getting files from drive that ran W98

Going from Win98 to WinXP

Going from 98 to XP

Graphical Glitches in win98 aps

Had to reinstall Win 98

Harddrive Error During Win98 / Win2K Install

Hardware+Network problems on win98

having trouble installing win98 on fat32 partition. Need Help

HD/win98 install problems

HD&CD-ROM IDE2 problem win98

help file sharing betwwen xp and win 98

Help link win 98 PC to DOS6 laptop

Help networking Win98 to WinXP

help parallel cble connection win98 pc to dos6 laptop

Help w/win 98/XP network Please!

Help unzip Win 95 files

Help with Dual-Boot Win200 and Win98

Help with easy cleaner and temporary folder [moved from Win98]

Help with Moving files from 98 to XP

Help with Windows 98

Help! Restore Win98 backup without catalog

HELP!WIn98 wont enable file sharing

Help.WIN XP AND WIN 98 network

Home network 98 and XP

Home network of Laptop (winME) and Desktop (win95)

Home Network WinME/WinXP Issue?

How can I shut down (and remove) Windows NT to replace it with Windows 98?

How do I best load XP with NT4?

how disable win98 se pre-install?

How do I get W98SE to see XP?

How do I load Win-98 on a Dell Laptop with swapable drives?

How do I install the Window 95 backup on a Windows 98 system?

How Do I Reconfigure a TCP/IP Stack in win98SE

How do I reformat 98 and install XP over it?

How do I setup a network with a Windows XP and Windows 98SE

How do I upgrade from Windows 98 to XP

How do you remove a flash drive in win98se?

How do you setup a network with computers running on XP and 98SE?

how install win98 on a p.c with xp on

How tell if my firewall is working on Windows 98 SE

How to connect via wireless to Win98 (first edition) system

How to connect old WINS 98 SE with new WINS XP?

how to fix display issue after format - Win98SE

how to get files off a WIndows98 and Windows98 Beta system

How to install 98

How to force Win98 to log on MS Network?

How to install windows 98 over XP. Please help!

How to install windows 98 under windows 2000

How to install 98SE on an XP OS with Partition Magic

How to network a 98 and me system?

how to network win98 with win2000

How to restart a Win98 Network?

How to update Windows 98 first edition use CD Burners

How to transfer files between WinXP PC and Win98 PC

HP Pavilion Games on Win95

HP Printers and Win 98

i can't start windows 98

i cant install windows xp or 98

I want to multiple boot Win98 with WinXP already installed.

IDE Controller gone bad in Win98

IE 6 mesed win98

Ide controller or Win 98SE

IE problems on windows 98

If I have to install Windows 98 to do something

Im troubleshooting USB 1.0 for Win98

increasing hard disk space win 98se

Information about windows 98

Insingia NS-DVG4/Win98SE

install win 98 to usb - via a floppy ?

install win 98 on partition

Install Win98SE on 2nd Partition

install windows 98 after windows xp already installed

Install Windows 98 Over An XP Operating System

install XP Pro on a drive with NTFS 3.1 partiton

Installed WIN 2K Pro On Win 98 System

installing 98 onto partition other than C

Installing an ISP on a Windows 95 Computer

Installing BT Broadband Wireless Router on Windows 98 SE PC

Installing CD-RW won't let win98 boot!

Installing ethernet w/ w95

Installing ms dos game on win98 system

Installing Ultimate Human Body (Win95) 2 on XP

Installing Win 98 after Win XP

installing win 95 & 98 with XP

installing win 98

installing win95 over win2k how? urgent help please!

Installing Win98 with Boot Disk

installing windows 98 in a seprate partition to xp pro

installing windows 98 over windows xp

installing winxp home over win98se

Installing XP over 98

INSTALLING XP PRO onto WIN 98 machine

Intalling 98se on a non-floppy xp laptop?

Intel 865 Chipset and nVidia chipset issues?

Internet access for newly networked Win98 SE system

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and Win98SE Windows Update Problem - FYI

Internet Protocol TCP/IP missing in win98

internet sharing using windows 98

IPC$ error on win 98 pc

IPC$ network password problem.

Is there an easy way to get USB ports on a really old machine?

Is there a solution for using older Monitors with Win-95/98.

Is this possible? wireless router + desktop + ethernet + win98

is Windows 2000 with a 98 partition possible?

Join win98 to win2k server domain

jump drive in Windows 98

jumpdrive wont install on win98

Kernal error when upgrading from win98 to win2000

KWS800/WG switch w/XP + 98se files share Ok. Add cable modem

LAN sharing problem in network with Win2000 and 2 Win98 computers

LAN WinXP and Win98se


Large HDD - Windows 98/ME

Linking W98se And Xp Home

Loading Drivers for External Drive (WIN98SE)

Loading win98SE

Loading Win 98 On PC with Win 2000

Loading Windows 98se on a laptop

Logging access to Shared Folders in WIN98

Look to me removal in WIN98SE

Lost CD Drives in Windows 98se

Lost Code Key For Windows 98

Lost Windows 98 file

LPT1 problem on guest Win98 w/ XP host on VPC 2007

M/S Win2000 vs. XP

make a new WLAN on win98

Maximum suggested RAM for W98SE?

me and 98 on the same pc

memmory problem with win 98se/2000

memory & Win98

memory for windows 98

Memory Key/Windows 98 +XP

Missing Windows 98 file

Modem for Windows 98

Modem Problem with Win98

More RAM with XP v. Win 98

move app from win98 to winXp

mp3made for 98 to work in windows 7

MS DOS GAME IN WINDOWS 98 Second Edition

Multiple WinXP installations

My video card is not working properly since I upgraded my OS from win98 to win98 SE

need driver for KLH-SV28 for Win-98

Need help finding software for nvidia GeForce4 ti4200

Need Help Spyware Rampant (Win98)

Move data from WIN98 to XP?

Need external hard drive for win98

Need help finding driver [win98]

Need to delete win98 for install of XP

Need to disable Win98se on old hdd?

Need to Transfer Photos Out of Win 95 Laptop

Netowork 2000 and XP machine!

net access on new Win2k machines much slower than old win98 machines

network 2 computers xp & win95

Network adapter: DEL DHP P3 / 1.0 W98

network can't share winxp resources with win98

network install of win98

Network between windows 98 and windows 2000

network for a computer 98SE

Network on Win98 machine and a XP machine

Network Problem with Window 98 reinstall

Network printer sharing win98/XP

network xp and win me

Network problem w/WinXP and Win98 SE

network on 2 98se and one xp home

Network XP and 98B

Networking a printer with WinME?

networking a win 98 laptopdock with win 2kpro

Networking a Win ME with a Win 2K machine

Network Problems with Win 98SE

networking from 98 to xp

Networking Nt4 with Win98

Networking 2 Win 98 computers

Networking 98 & XP

Networking ME and XP

Networking a Win98 and WinXP system

Networking between Windows ME and XP

Networking between XP and 98se

Networking 2000 and XP

Network Vista with Windows 98?

Networking between xp to 98

networking 2000 me to windows xp

networking an XP with a windows 98

Networking 98 and xp

Networking Win95 and winxphome

Networking Two PC's Under XP/Win98 FE

Networking win98 and 2000

networking winMe to win98

Networking Win Me with Win 95 PCs

Networking between W98 and XP?

networking win2000/xp

Networking with 98 and XP Home

Networking WinXP Home and Win 98

Networking Win 2000 with Win 98

Networking win me & winxp

networking win xp to win 98

Networking Win 98 to Vista

Networking Win98FE with XP

Networking with Windows Me

Networking Win98 & WinXPpro

networking win98 and winxp

Networking Windows XP to Windows 2000

Networking systems with Win 98

Networking XP Home and Win98

Networking XP HOme to Win98SE

Networking Win98 to XP with Crossover

networking win98 and xp machine

networking a win 98 and xp computer

Networking XP and 2000

networking Vista and windows 2000

networking win98 w/ win2k

Networking Vista and Windows 98

Networking XP and 98se machines

Networking Windows 2000p to Win98SE desktop pc problems

networking two win 95 computers.

Networking winME to win98 error

Networking problem WIN XP Media & Win 98se

Networking Windows workgroup & Win98

Networking Win 98 and XP?

Networking Win xp with Win 98

Networking two win98se PCs

Networking Win 98SE/ME and XP

networking xp &98?

Networking 2x home pcs (Win98se + XP pro)

Networking XP and Win 98

Networking Vista and 98

networking XP with NT 4

networking windows 98 and windows xp

networking XP and '98

Networking printer to 98 and xp

Networking WIN98 and WIN2000

New 512Ram registers less-98se

Networking Disconnecting 98SE

Networking windows 98 machines to windows xp pro machines

networking Win 98

networking with win 95

New CDRW Not Recognized In Win98

Networking XP/2000

networking with windows me and 98

networking with xp and windows 2000

networking windows 98 with windows 2000

Networking XP and ME

Networking win 98 & xp problems (but not normal ones!)

New PC running XP - want to also run 98se

new motherboard problem - windows 98

new/old laptop window98 ie4

New XP slower than old 98

New Win98 install

No connection through windows 98

No connection to internet error with win98SE

No Driver for sound for win98

no cdroms detected in windows 98

No Valid CDROM Devide drivers selected

not 98se for wireless

Nostalgic Win98

Not happy with XP - Want Win98SE

nPrinter on Windows 98

NT 4 versus Win98Se

NT User Manager on win98 box?

NT networking with XP

Old 98 Windows Wont Recognize Cd

old pentium 4 - win98 or winXP

Only 16 colors?

Optical usb mouse problems with win98

OS automatically gone Win98

over 512k RAM in win98

Parallel Install of Win 98 to XP Pro

Partitioning Win 98

Partitioning and formatting drive to use Windows 98 and XP

password on startup for 98

Password Share a Folder in XP for ME/98 access

pc w/win.xp want win.98se instead

PC to PC networking/Windows 98 Woes

Pentium 4 compatibility with Win 98?

Perils with too much Ram?-98se

peer to peer network with win2000 and win98

Photos on Win 98

Playing a windows 98 game on XP Pro.

preparing to reload win98/repartition

Print Server help win 98/95

print sharing between xp and 98

printer does not work in win 98

printer driver win 98

Printer port capturing question

printing issues with Win 98

Printer won't work with win 98

Printing from XP to 98SE on Wireless Network

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