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Accessing Files On W95 Machine From NT


How can I create a keyboard shortcut to a web site? How can I use a Network card that is not one of those shown with Network Client Administrator? Run ZoomAir.exe from the ZoomAir disk #1 located in the \ZoomAir folder. How can I allow non-Administrators to issue AT commands? great post to read

Any programs and drivers you want to use must be installed under each operating system under which you want to use it. I have duplicate entries on my boot menu. In Windows 95, they were now displayed as buttons on a taskbar across the bottom of the screen, which also contained a notification area used to display icons for background applications, To install the cards, follow the instructions that accompany them.

Which File System Contains Support For Efs

Then use explorer to goto %SystemRoot%\HOTFIX\HF00?? Exchange/Windows Messaging The Outlook/Exchange client takes a long time to start. How do I set security on a printer?

How can I shutdown a number of machines without going to each machine? Thi Nguyen and Barrie Sosinsky | Windows IT Pro EMAIL Tweet Comments 30 Advertisement Get new Win2K capabilities and the best features of NT and Win98 in a peer-to-peer home network How can I backup the DHCP database? Research How Your Smartphone Might Sync With Your Computer's Os How can I remotely tell who is logged on at a machine?

The wired NIC should only have the Zoom protocol bound to it. How To Install Windows 98 Over Windows Xp How can I change the program associated with a file extension? Can I user the IDE interface on my sound card? How do I attach to a NetWare 3.12 Server?

How do I schedule commands? While Installing A New Operating System Or Booting Diagnostic Software The Typical Boot Sequence Is IMPORTANT UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: During the uninstall procedure, after the ZoomAir adapter is deleted from the Network panel, you will be asked to restart the machine. When installing the Access Point Software the setup of the "protocol bindings" is confusing. The first is to create a .reg file which can then be run using regedit /y The format of the file is REGEDIT4 [] ""="" a string

How To Install Windows 98 Over Windows Xp

support.microsoft.com. For our example, we'll use the workgroup name Simpsons and computer names Bart, Homer, and Maggie. Which File System Contains Support For Efs NT supports multiple CPU's giving true Multi-tasking, using symmetrical multiprocessing, meaning the processors share all tasks, as opposed to asymmetrical multiprocessing, where the OS uses one CPU and the applications another. Dual Boot Windows 98 And Xp How can I suppress the error message generated if my ZIP drive is not connected?

Only the first line of the Directory Annotation is shown. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/network-on-win98-machine-and-a-xp-machine.html My Network is not connected to the Internet, can I use any IP address? How do I connect to a network share? Better yet, buy 10/100Base-T hubs that autosense at each port. What Is The Minimum Number Of Partitions That The Mbr Partitioning System Can Support

How can I create a RAS Connection Script? These are run using the command rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 The format of the file is as follows [Version] Signature = "$Windows NT$" Provider=%Provider% [Strings] Provider="SavillTech Ltd" [DefaultInstall] AddReg How do I automatically install applications as part of the unattended installation? http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/connecting-a-windowsxp-machine-to-a-windows98-machine-via-direct-cable-connection.html In general REGEDIT.EXE is nicer to work with.

D-Link is a speed powerhouse, providing 10Mbps speed. Technology Enables You To Carry A Powerful Navigational Aid In Websites You can introduce Win2K Pro into a peer-to-peer networking setup between Win9x clients, or introduce Win9x clients into a Win2K Pro setup. The common Boot sequence files are Ntoskrnl.exe - The Windows NT kernel System - This file is a collection of system configuration settings Device drivers - These are files that support

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Where is File Manager? How to I change my server from Stand Alone to a PDC/BDC? While the OS kernel is 32-bit, much code (especially for the user interface) remained 16-bit for performance reasons as well as development time constraints. You Want To Shrink The Size Of A File. What Do You Use? The NTFS update in Service Pack4 for WindowsNT4.0 is provided only to help you evaluate and upgrade to WindowsXP.

Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6 STOP 0x0000000A Joining a domain or Worgroup in Windows NT Server 4.0 Windows XP Pro Workstation On Windows NT 4.0 server Network Windows NT4.0 Server and What are the installation instructions? I cannot see my CD-ROM drive from NT? http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/solved-cable-transfer-from-98-machine-to-new-xp-machine.html How can I trace the route the TCP/IP packets take?

I have very slow performance saving documents to a FPNW server. These minimal claims were made in order to maximize the available market of Windows 3.1 migrations. I have Windows 95 installed, and I am trying to start the NT installation but it fails. Finally, in CONTROL PANEL-SYSTEM-DEVICE MANAGER, you should see two cardbus devices and one PCMCIA device.

For details about these procedures, see Microsoft's Help files. Configuration Manager (CONFIGMG) Responsible for implementing Plug and Play functionality; monitoring hardware configuration changes; detecting devices using bus enumerators; and allocating I/O ports, IRQs, DMA channels and memory in a conflict-free What other registry entries are there for TCP/IP? How can I change the default editor used for editing batch files?

What service packs and fixes are available? How do I pause output from a command to one screen at a time? Compatibility Does application x work with NT 4.0? This is unlikely given the limited range of wireless LANs, but it may be worth checking out if your network is in an office or apartment building likely to contain computer

Under the Proxy server heading, clear the Use a proxy server check box. How can I get rid of the arrow over the shortcuts? How do I reinstate my old PDC back into the Domain as the PDC?