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Help With Easy Cleaner And Temporary Folder [moved From Win98]


Then there is a folder named ServicePackFiles consuming 280MB of space. Some of these tips have no affect on performance, negatively affect performance, or increase the risk of causing damage to your computer. Thank you! Move or change the location of your My Documents folder so that it is on a separate partition or hard drive. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/problem-with-connectivity-moved-from-win98.html

I meet people everyday that are frustrated becuase they can literally take a shower while thier machine loads because they have never performed basic maintenance on machines they bought years ago. I'm sure you will love it, they are easy to use. I always install machines with 20 Gigs in C drive & the rest in D drive. benevolent anarchist says: 8 years ago please explain how removing files from a hard disk improves speed? (you can't) and this is the sort of misinformation that causes people to delete https://forums.techguy.org/threads/help-with-easy-cleaner-and-temporary-folder-moved-from-win98.438987/

Windows 98 Dos Commands

working on services is hit and miss. In the 'Spool folder' box, type the path to the spool folder you prefer--for example, D:\Spool (see FIGURE 4FIGURE 4: Send printer data to your choice of drives in Windows 2000 pcsplace.com/tips-n-tricks/5-maintenance-tasks-that-improve-performance-of-computer/" Site is listed as potentially Deadangerous by WOT.

Edited June 2, 2014 by cannie 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites cannie    6 6 485 posts June 4, 2008 OS: Windows 7 x86 Country: Under the 'Hidden files and folders' folder icon in the list of Advanced settings, select Show hidden files and folders. Choose Floppy and press "Enter". Windows 98 Boot Disk Commands Set Outlook Express coding to UTF-7 Pick Tools menu, click Options Pick Send tab Click International Settings Pick Unicode (UTF-7) Install PC-Pine Create a directory name PCPine Create a subdirectory called

You keep worrying about your one PC here and there. Windows 98 Dos Commands Format Spend the cash on tip #4. - 5. Check for duplicate DLLs: Right-click C:\Windows and pick Find, then sort by Name. https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=903 The interface and lack of applications is the problem.

So….that being said, YES there has been issues with Windows…and the other companies have practically shouted about it since the creation of Windows. Windows System32 Commands cd d: will not switch to the d drive, but d: will switch drives. Disable unnecessary Windows services, settings, and programs that slow down your computer. 15. Then click OK twice more to close the remaining dialog boxes.

Windows 98 Dos Commands Format

Windows 7 and another large bill for PC users to carry on using a second rate OS. This way you need to edit no files.HTH 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites cannie    6 6 485 posts June 4, 2008 OS: Windows 7 Windows 98 Dos Commands Cool post! Windows 98 Command Prompt Use the MSCONFIG utility to disable startup programs. 6.

If you have more than one disk in your PC, you can increase performance by moving your paging file to the second drive and formatting the volume using FAT32 instead of If your linux or mac computer is so blazingly fast like you say, what the hell are you doing here?? Almost all of them use Antivirus softwares and keep them updated. Click Advanced, and in the Performance box choose Performance Options (in Windows 2000) or Settings (in XP). Windows 98 Dos Commands Pdf

The PC with an open source OS is close to the ideal of 'It just works'. Wow, what a list. I have plenty of space on my D: drive. Of course, you must keep always saved in any other drive a .zip or .rar copy of C:\Windows.Cheers Edited February 13, 2009 by cannie 0 Share this post Link to post

This is used in server that have way more than 4GB memory and still a 32-bit server OS ;) Walter says: 8 years ago In the tip "22" I copied the System32 Commands List But if the program isn't loaded up at boot time, and indexing is off, I can't see how uninstalling it will make the PC any faster at all. EXAMPLES ren c:\chope hope - Rename the directory chope to hope.

But that the fault of the app Vendor not the OS.

Since the methods that PAE uses are at least partially independent from the OS, Windows still only reports that it is using/able to use ~3.5GB. And don't get me started on the Macintosh/Apple OS. It will feel like a new computer. System32 Info If you have a SATA drive and you’re running Windows Vista, you can speed up your PC by enabling the advanced write caching features. 66.

crazybishal1 says: 7 years ago Hey, these tricks made my pc blazingly fast!!!!!! Use the Windows Performance Toolkit and the trace logs to speed up Windows boot time. 34. I'm going to subscribe on your feeds. This dead weight hinders performance by reducing the amount of drive space available for your virtual memory.

The mac’s take several more click’s, and are consistently slower at everything we try. Change icons of shortcuts by right-clicking and picking Properties, Change Icon E.g. When Windows fails to find the uninstall folder you removed, it will ask whether you want to remove the item from Add or Remove Programs' currently installed programs list.