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Net Access On New Win2k Machines Much Slower Than Old Win98 Machines


In reality, Windows 7 is just a rebranded Windows Vista that everyone hated…. When XP first shipped, it was slower than Windows 2000 Professional and more unstable. Just like you can't out-exercise a bad diet, you can't out-engineer crappy software! It would be just as slow.

me was garbage the day it was rolled out and still is garbage. windows xp could make the computers run too slow. - by computergeek120m

ms was on a 2 year uprade path with support of only 5 years planned for each program. Show Ignored Content As Seen On Welcome to Tech Support Guy! Triple boot or quad boot 7, XP (64-bit), and one or two flavors of linux.

Can Windows 98 Still Be Used

But system DLLs and other paraphernalia are mapped into the area between 2GB and 3GB, and all your legacy 16-bit apps from Windows for Workgroups (or earlier) are mapped there too. Sometimes a program gets off on a tangent, so to speak, and starts writing to the wrong addresses in memory - and keeps on going and going and going. However, the information contained in it is not total based on the problem am having. hey try to use a webcam for ur desktop is 7 … u never get to click any pic from it ..

Hope this helps someone else. u cant say widows 7 has a thin taskbar … windows 7 taskbar is the fat ass girl of all os taskbars (i had xp,nt,linuxes- ubuntu-fedora-limpus…) windows 7 was made for I tried Vista on an HP laptop only marginally better than the maxed-out Dell I am currently using (AMD Turion64x2 TL-64 @ 2.2 GHz, 4GB DDRII 800MHz RAM, currently 160 GB Best Windows 98 Software Win16Mutex A mutex is a rather 'heavy' synchronization object.

The core of the problem, ironically, is not Microsoft but the ISVs - all the other software vendors out there. Using Windows 98 In 2015 From a performance standpoint, XP can't touch the older OSes when using anything before P4 or K8. and you can't "force" anyone legally to allow public access for a patented item such as windows 95, 98, me. And Microsoft did really try to get the ISVs to clean their act up, but no one ever listened.

Core XML Services is a broken mess. Windows 98 Software Download And one of the biggest perpetrators of all the headaches that can ensue for you is your operating system. Reply Rob says: June 5, 2012 at 2:40 am I've still got an old copy of CakeWalk ScoreWriter which was written for 98. I've reinstalled W7 three times and researched and tried every suggestion on every forum plus the Dell and M/soft sites.

Using Windows 98 In 2015

VoilĂ ! It does keep order if you're an anal retentive, but it won't let you be creative as XP does. Can Windows 98 Still Be Used its rock solid and secure. Using Windows 98 In 2016 One representative of such users is my mother who always asked me to change back to XP for her.

basically it comes down to disabling all background processes which is extremely easy on me. - by tweak_me err darnitall (7:21am est wed apr 19 2006)not a mac or bsd fan i understand there are business reasons for dropping support for an older operating system, but it still irks me that ms is forcing both hardware and software upgrades from people. Diddley. Rename is a joke as it jumps all over the place and if you stop it jumping, it makes for a folder that is very, very difficult to use, W7 has Is Windows 98 Still Usable

os 9 was released in oct 99 and still in use for new machines until jan of this year"

umm my calendar says its april '06 a couple months pass jan… at some point you do stop developing new resources for older operating systems. But there's more to it than that. I know what works well in the real world of work computer wise/ With W7 I had to spend the first 7 days (18hours a day each) getting rid of the

Without the 16-bit application base you might not have Windows 98 to run today, no matter how many 16 bits you have or do not have lying around. Who Still Uses Windows 98 It would take brass balls, sure, but within weeks it would be out-performing Win 7 and 8, ensuring Windows remains the standard OS of choice, and siphoning developers away from rival The thing is that Microsoft wants to force everyone to follow what they have created…whether we want to or not.

we simply cannot afford to upgrade.

If any operation should be interrupted before it is completed, the position of the transaction log pointer will tell all - NTFS will know what the last attempted operation was, how Newer Windows like Win7 are too bloat and I only install them on new computers which cannot run legacy OS like NT or 2K. when was the last time an update that dealt with win98 problems was put out? Windows 98 Programs Now we can still see posts to seek for helping solve the problem of screen flicker or black screen under Windows 7 in some technology forums from time to time.

Do you realize how pathetic it is to simulate people in agreement with you? (I guess when you talk about sad people, you know what you're talking about.) Too bad for Someone had to start somewhere - and the most important thing was to get all the ISVs migrating their code to 32-bit as soon as possible. It became too difficult to find current drivers & compatible software to use it much beyond as a VM…sniff… Reply Alexander Levine says: May 25, 2012 at 2:47 pm Tracy -- read more at pc world matthew's opinion does anyone still run these outdated operating systems?

Anyone who says XP is better either has some issues with it which most people dont, or he hasnt used XP yet, or his system is too slow for windows 7 For years the ISVs had been writing extremely 'dirty' code and getting away with murder. If it wasn't for games - Linux can run circles around any Windows. and why complain about feature?

all of this which you spent anywhere from, what - $500 - $5000 for? Win 7 seems just ‘too much' Win 7 is what Vista should have been. the crowd goed ooooooohhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh new---- everyone in the audience throws their wallets out to the clown. myth busted all 1.5gb of ram was used so stop saying that bullshit that win98 doesnt use more than 512mb of ram, you are wrong!!!! - by fixjack motherboards for w98

no upgrade path for less money is a pretty crappy way to exploit your users and that alone has prevented me from buying a lot of apple hardware and software over Nowadays, I guess MS (and everyone else) thinks that a WORKING OS means BLOATED OS. Oh, you are right, I don't twit, i don't play games on computers, I don't have social networks and I use a computer to make money.