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Networking A Win 98 And Xp Computer


Second, you can make changes to either the program itself or compatibility shortcuts to programs. Log In or Register to post comments Advertisement Anonymous User (not verified) on Mar 31, 2005 Something for Windows 2000 users to try if having this problem: MAKE SURE YOUR GUEST The easiest way to correct this is to simply enter the device manager. That's another area to look for.

The card may be fine but the software drivers might be corrupted. Errors? You will notice a new Sharing tab. Once there, UNcheck the "enable lmhosts lookup" then click "disable NetBIOS over TCP."With "lmhosts lookup" and "NetBIOS over TCP" disabled, the bogus network activity stopped, and my apps opened normally.

Windows 98 Network Share

Because each router has its own setup interface, here are some URLs to configure common routers. Other than that, I'd can it. specifically - find out if newer computer has an IDE port and then transfer the harddrive...?

I never had any problems connecting existing win 98 machines to any peer to peer network and sharing the files and printers. I have configured the windows 2000prof to access all the resources on this system (XP). My Win98 to XP Pro *has been working* for over a year but suddenly stopped. Which Of The Following Networking Components Receives A Signal Regenerates And Sends It After reboot, the system hung at Preparing network connections.

Also, I'm a little unclear as to why the windows 7 machine has to have that specific static IP address that you listed. Windows 98 Connect To Network Share A number of years ago he transferred it to a portable hard drive but unfortunately it crashed. I have had nothing but problems with this OS on a Dell P4 2gig since day one. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-networking/networking-a-windows-7-and-a-windows-98-computer/6d26ac72-d367-4731-abb4-e8681e1327c7 Create simular username & password on different machines and you can access resources also without having trusts between domains this will work.

To start using the compatibility mode option 64-bit Windows 7, right click on the programs or shortcuts to programs that are not running properly and select Properties from the menu. Network Windows 98 And Windows 7 When you're done, return the drive to Win 98 system to keep it going! Plug in and bootup new computer and use windows explorer to find and transfer files ha14 April 21, 2013 at 7:34 pm you can use a second internal hard drive on All Rights Reserved. Menu Home Articles Contests Bookshop Tools Q&A Find-a-Handyman Links Advertise Contact Us Windows 98 and Windows XP Networking Problems Bad drivers?

Windows 98 Connect To Network Share

One is to use Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Wizard or the other is to use easy to use proxy software and configure it manually. As a side note, I don't remember you or other readers saying too much about WinXP. Windows 98 Network Share Word.) But all the other slow-downs I saw initially were fixed by patches and updates that Microsoft has released for Office XP. Windows 95 File Sharing Configure it such that all your home network computers are in the Trusted Zone. 2) I can't find/connect to my PC Network Server!

Also before I only had an icon for the 'Local Area Connection' in the system tray, and now, I only have an icon for the router in the tray.Thanks for all Any way I hope someone can help??? Today the available versions of WindowsNT in different editions; for home, professional and server end. Featured Product Latest Podcast Subscribe to Podcast Featured Freeware Download Free TFTP Server. Windows 98 Network Settings

Every time I wanted to open something on another PC KAV verified every folder before letting anything in ( in fact you can't bame it, thats what its for).So try uninstallingyour After reboot, the system hung at Preparing network connections. There is an arcane setting in the registry that limits the amount of memory for transfers between an XP computer and any other machine. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/networking-win-xp-with-win-98.html One machine with Win98SE5.

On the NetBios >NIC Binding check both. What Is The Standard Irq Setting For The Realtime Clock This one will not be any program to fit the current resolution and aspect ratio of your monitor. However, ADSL and other dial-up internet services require configuration such as username, password and PPoE selection.

It is important to note that with such a networked computer first turns on a computer that provides resources and only then a computer that takes them.

In Windows 7, click Start, right click Computer Click Properties Under ‘Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings’ Click ‘Change settings' Select the ‘Computer Name' tab Next to ‘To rename this computer The LISTENING output showed that the Netlogon service was working, so I figured an authentication problem existed. (For more information about common ports, see the Microsoft articles "A List of the Yes, you read right, Windows 98. Windows 95 Networking Requires technical know-how (Up to 300 MB per sec (SATA2), which is not achievable as most hard drives themselves are not so fast).

but cannot see it in my network places without mapping the ip, the range for the two are 192.168.2.x whereas the wireless range is 192.168.15.x ... I can share files between the 98’s easily, and have had no problem with connecting to the internet and mail on any of them from the day I put in my First rule of troubleshooting is to simplify as much as possible.If you are running a software firewall on any or all your PCs, I would strongly advise you to disable it Just plug all the PCs into the Linksys router.

posted 26 Nov 2007 - show 1 replies - Reply - Permanent Link Admin Administrator try entering the IP address of the host manually. Thanks posted 20 Dec 2011 - Reply - Permanent Link Unregistered i like google posted 2 May 2011 - Reply - Permanent Link Unregistered this guide is the most useful one Software Development 6.1 Phases of Software Development 6.2 Programming 7. Any other suggestions?

You may be interested in our other Windows XP guides. While I was contemplating this task, I suddenly remembered an old Windows for Workgroups (WFW) 3.11 trick: Simply reenter the user's password on the computer that holds the shares. On both machines, open the Windows Explorer, select the folder(s) or drive(s) you want to share, let's assume you want to share drive C. A Switch contains all features of a Hub, but it is much faster at handling heavy tasks.

Wait a few moments, and right-click the connection, Enable. Myself, I am about ready to trash it and go back to W2K. Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Discuss this Article 43 ade (not verified) on May 19, 2004 I found this article useful. Open the Device Manger and verify your NIC.

NOW THIS IS A PROBLEM I AM FACING. Control Panel 4.3.4. Most LAN games support the UDP Discovery method of detecting servers whereby you just have to go to the LAN games tab and the list of servers would be obtained automatically. I have tried everything that I can think of to remedy this problem to no avail.

Install Client for Microsoft Networks, and File and Print Sharing. It set to 1 by default. I worked with Microsoft as a support tech in the Windows 2000 Q. However, you should mention that for those of us not assigning IP addresses ( etc.) because the router assigns them automatically, then to Map the Network Drive you use the name

Change the Compatibility Options Say you have old programs installed on your PC Windows 7 64-bit, and you have trouble running it. I have spent days trying to find a solution for this network problem, but only this article give me the solution.