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Networking An XP With A Windows 98


Most folks would go by the Router method. This will enable you to share files across the network. Notice that they look the same - it is only the internal handling of data that differs. Also ensure that Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is checked.

Repeat the above for every computer. A Hub is the cheapest but is NOT the way to go if you are on a budget as a Switch is only slightly more expensive. Keep in mind that a Router has all features of a Switch/Hub. Finally, a Router contains features of a Switch, plus being able to be a standalone Internet Gateway - being able to provide internet access to all computers connected to it.

Windows 98 Network Share

Setting up the network This step is not required if you are using a router (Skip to step 3). The computer's IP address would be 192.168.1.. DISCLAIMER: Proceed at your own risk! The Subnet mask should be If there is a Internet sharing computer in the network, the Default Gateway and Preferred DNS Server will be the Internet sharing computer's IP address.

In real serious terms, if any corruption of data, hardware damage or any other kind of damage/losses/etc. When purchasing any of these options, ensure the number of ports that the device has meets or exceeds the number of computers. The router would also normally come with one ethernet cable to connect your main PC. Which Of The Following Networking Components Receives A Signal Regenerates And Sends It If you don't like this, please don't read any further.

NOTE: With many broadband internet contracts, a router is provided free of charge or for a small top-up. Now how do we share folders and access them from the other computer? A Switch contains all features of a Hub, but it is much faster at handling heavy tasks. If you are using a switch or a hub, we have to manually give each computer a number.

If it is exactly two computers only, you only need a Crossover Ethernet Cable to connect the computers to each other. What Is The Standard Irq Setting For The Realtime Clock This is the fastest connection as each computer directly communicates with the other computer. We've basically configured the computers so that they can find each other. It should not show "Network cable unplugged" when you proceed to the next step.

Windows 95 File Sharing

Now it should say under the status: Connected! Hit OK two times and the setting should be saved. Windows 98 Network Share Once you have the equipment, hook them up together. Windows 98 Network Settings ASSUMPTION: This guide assumes that all computers are running at least Windows 98 and have their Network Interface Card drivers installed. 1.

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The information here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Now go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections (double-click it). I will not be held responsible if this document causes your computer to explode or burst into flames. Wait a few moments, and right-click the connection, Enable.

However, using the Network Setup Wizard may not be preferred as it does not give much control. Network Windows 98 And Windows 7 This document outlines the steps required to create a wired network of 2 or more computers. And remember to get Category 5 Ethernet Cables for each computer to connect to the device.

Otherwise, it would be blank.

The order doesn't matter, but I personally prefer to give the Internet Sharing Computer or the master computer - the fastest one - the first number. Common brands are Linksys, D-Link, 2Wire, Netgear. Routers dynamically allocate IP address to your computers. Windows 95 Networking s The field "IP address:" is where we will input the IP address.

Ensure the Internet Protocol is checked. So assuming we have 3 computers, they would be numbered as follows: PC 1 - PC 2 - PC 3 - Power up all computers and the switch. To configure the IP address for each individual computer: Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections (double-click it) Look for Local Area Connection If the status is From the cabling to the setting up the actual IP addresses, this guide covers them all.

arises from the use of this document, I will not be responsible for it. Planning for the network First, how many computers do you need to network together? If it still doesn't say Connected, right-click the connection, Disable. The network device is the center - all computer's Network Interface Card's connect to it via the Ethernet cable. 2.

Hub Switch Router If it is more than two computers, you will need either a Hub, Switch or Router. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) by clicking it once, and click on Properties.