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New Motherboard Problem - Windows 98


You may simply install the Harddrive into the new case and start-up. Just pick a computer with the least dust in it. A lot of crossover scripting is involved with both Corel and Acess and it seems that nothing works but Windows 98. Note: It may be a misunderstanding, but two reports state that through this process of selecting “None of the Above”, Windows is actually updating or “redoing” the original (“OldMobo-1”) profile, not

Look at the compatibility tab on the property panel of any desktop icon. How to prepare your hard disk before installing Windows Buy a copy of either Acronis Disk Director Suite or Symantec's PartitionMagic, install it on your existing computer and create the emergency solved Do I need to buy a new copy of windows when I upgrade to a new Motherboard and processor? They have excellent legacy compatibilityI run Windows 98 on a D845GEBV2 with a Pentium 3.06 and that has full support for Windows 98. additional hints

Windows 98 Compatible Motherboards

Now, in the same way, click the plus sign next to Disk drives, select your hard disk drive (probably listed as something like "Generic IDE Disk Type 47"), choose Properties, go The system will show a mix of drivers on the first couple of cycles but should finish with all appropriate drivers. I do not know whether Windows 98 SE drivers are available for current-model motherboards that use AMD processors.) Hard disk: The largest Hitachi hard disk that you can afford (but you To avoid this problem, I had to configure the BIOS to use "Legacy Mode," "Compatible Mode," or "IDE" rather than "Native Mode," "Enhanced Mode," or "AHCI" for its ATA channels.

If possible, install a separate video card that uses an Nvidia video chip. Be sure to create a backup of the registry (or individual keys to be deleted) so the registry can be restored if deleting Enum does not work; (start>run enter scanregw). The problem, apparently, was that the mixture of SATA and PATA interfaces didn't satisfy W98's outdated assumptions about ports and IRQs. Windows 98 Sata Drivers To get a picture when running DOOM in a DOS box, I had to deinstall the Nvidia drivers and go back to the plain Microsoft default VGA driver.

If you must use a floppy, be absolutely certain both the disk and drive are good before you start. 7) Reboot into Windows. The Hardware Profiles subkey in the IDConfigDB subkey stores information about the profile, but not the profile itself. Ask ! Now return to the instructions for installing Windows 98 SE itself.

It is good to run setup rather than just reboot and let windows detect everything because during setup is the only time the VMM32 is built, and you need to rebuild D845gebv2 Any power supply that can supply 350 watts or more should be adequate. If this is correct, to boot with the new settings, then, select the “OldMobo-1” profile. Join the community here.

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After you have successfully switched motherboards using the above procedure, whenever you want to move the hard drive from the NEW board back to the OLD board, you must RENAME the http://www.flaterco.com/kb/W98.html So far, I was not able to get the TV Tuner running, and the driver for the Remote Wonder Plus remote control causes a non-fatal protection fault at startup.http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/de/98me...onaiw-98me.htmlIn regard to Windows 98 Compatible Motherboards Make any BIOS adjustments needed. Windows 98 On Modern Pc Study all the menu items; change any settings that obviously need to be changed, but do not make any changes unless you understand their effects.

Reboot in Safe Mode to delete old hardware from device manager. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/windows-98-problem-with-word.html Throw in a decent AGP card for your program and some RAM, and you won't have much compatibility issues to worry about. a 2200+ will run 89/ME like a modern phenomII runs win7. Very easy!!!" And: “Relying on automatic device detection on the first boot up is a crap shoot. Windows 98 Pentium 4

Ask a question and give support. There is also a story about installing W98SE on my new PC, Windows 98 SE and FreeDOS on Wildcat Point. Don't even consider any brand other than Plextor or, as a second choice, Sony. Alternate: Many recommend rebooting every time Windows prompts, but others (experienced) prefer to decline all reboot prompts, and instead, waiting until all devices have been detected and all Wizard activity subsides.

CAREFUL examination of which one is the one you want and deleting the ones you don't in the ENUM key will solve the problem of "musical driver" loads. Windows 98 Emulator Use this profile when booting on the new hardware configuration. 14) Optional: As a backup for possible future use, some users recommended creating a copy of the new profile “NewMobo-1”; e.g. However, basis setup does not require any drivers or tools at all and can be done from within the BIOS.I hope this information may help some people to find a mostly

solved Will I need to buy Windows 10 if i reuse a hard drive on a new motherboard solved Windows 98 Screensaver solved Connecting Windows 98 to internet?

If it asks for a manufacturer's driver disk, point it to the appropriate folder. Need Help. so you will have to dig around at local computer repair shops or ebay.Also, if speed is not your concern, you can also find Pentium 1 or 2 computers for like Virtualbox Working configuration for 865PE: MotherboardMSI 865PE Neo3-F CPUPentium 4 540 3.2 GHz (Prescott) RAM4 GiB DDR PC-3200 AudioOnboard Realtek ALC850 8-CH Audio VideoeVGA GeForce 6800 GT, 256 MiB GDDR3, AGP 8X

Yes, buying older used machines might work but then, I'll be guessing on the life of those also.... Reboot when prompted (this will happen several times) until you no longer get the prompts. This may or may not matter to you, but the essence is, a longish shot. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-98/windows-98-cd-drive-problem.html Do not select either of the ”OldMobo-1” or “OldMobo-2” profiles, instead, select 'None of the Above'. 12) With “None of the Above” selected, Windows boots up as if it’s the first

The Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 emulation of the Montego II A3D worked eventually, but the drivers were troublesome. If you must use a floppy, be absolutely certain both the disk and drive are good before you start. 11) Continue boot into Windows. Although the Windows install disks will have most common chipset drivers, you may need to supply uncommon chipset drivers." And: "I switched motherboards from a Celeron system to an AMD Athlon The Nvidia drivers would not deinstall.

Note: You will probably have some yellow flags. I've spent over $2000 with "experts" trying to make this stuff work on a modern system with no positive results. Do not try to combine a PS/2 mouse or trackball and a USB mouse or trackball on the same Windows 98 system; WPDOS will crash when starting or exiting. ATI RemoteWonder Plus (I still have some hope to get it working)Since RAID works on BIOS+hardware level, having no RAID drivers for Windows 98 SE is not much of a problem,

engender. You can rename it to more clearly represent the new hardware (e.g. “NewMobo-1”). The instructions elsewhere on this page will prevent all such problems with memory under Windows 98 SE. Microsoft has released dozens of updates that make Windows 98 SE more reliable and that solve such problems as lockups during shutdown.

Remove all IDE-devices, then move your way down the list and last remove the USB controller and associated items.