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(Resolved) Windows Explorer Problem (XP)

(Solved) Open/Save History

(solved) iexplorer damaged AGAIN!

[HELP] explorer.exe crash when plug in/out USB device

[Resolved] Control panel and windows explorer failure.

[Resolved] Errors with Windows Explorer

[Resolved] Explorer freezes with large Video files

[Resolved] Explorer.exe Crashes when closing Control Panel

[resolved] Windows Explorer error and shutdown

[Resolved] Windows Explorer Error Message

[Resolved] Windows 2000: how to restore the ms window explorer shell

[Solved] Explorer

[Solved] Explorer in XP Pro

[SOLVED] Explorer.exe issue:HELP ME! I'M BEGGING YOU!

[Solved] explorer.exe not responding

[SOLVED] Installation of AIM causes XP to unexpectedly restart

[Solved] XP Explorer/Ctrl Panel/MY Computer problem

{RESOLVED}Windows ME Explorer

{Solved} No right pane with Windows Explorer

32bit Browsers causing Windows 7 64bit taskbar to crash. possibly malware related.

64 bit vista explorer problems

64bit Vista explorer.exe error.

Accessing control panel gives explorer error

Address bar cleanup in XP

Admin Tools in control pannel gone.explorer keeps failing

AIM-3rd party programs out to prevent crashes?

Alternative to Windows Explorer

annoying message while using windows explorer

Answer to Windows Explorer Problem.

any ideas why my windows explorer keeps restarting?

Any Explorer.exe operation: slow and stucks for a while

APPCRASH in explorer

Avira freeze and crash and right click freeze

Bitrate column in Windows Explorer?

Bit Rate Changed in XP Explorer

Browse by Folder causes multiple programs to crash

Calling all GoDz II - SP2 crashes desktop/explorer?

Can Someone Please help me with Windows Explorer

Cannot Access Program Files x86 windows explorer stops responding

Can't find Windows Explorer

Cant open C:/ Drive "Error comes up"

Can't Open explore.exe [moved from XP -- more help needed]

Can't open Windows Explorer in XP in the usual ways

Cant' run explorer.exe; network adapters are corrupt

CD Drive contents not refreshing in Explorer

cd/dvd drive error massage a problem caused the program to stop working correctly

Certain video files make explorer window close. error message.

Change default Explorer first view ?

Change default opening directory for Explorer?

Change Windows Explorer Defaults?

Closed destop app in task manager and now I no desktop and reboots take forever

cmd path current explorer window

Collapsing Directories Under Windows Explorer

Column Width in XP folders

Comp. slow after fixing explorer.exe error

Computer crashing from too many explorer windows

Computer hangs when opening pictures (other files too) located on the Desktop

Constant windows 7 Explorer crashes

Constant Explorer Crashes

Copying/Opening files crashing windows explorer

Corrupt file crashing Windows Explorer

Create Windows Explorer shortcut

Customising windows explorer

DEP causing IE to crash when opening My Pictures

Desperately need help with Corrupt IE6

disabling explorer.exe on startup

Document Folder keeps crashing! Windows Explorer needs to close!

download wont work while in windows explorer

error in explorer

Error Msg From Windows Explorer

Error of window explorer

error with windows explorer

Error messages for Windows Explorers.

Error when opening windows explorer

Excell file causes windows explorer error :(

Excessive explorer CPU usage

explore error

explore.exe Constantly restarting itself

exploere crashes

Exploeror crashes often

Explorer Crashes

Explorer Constantly LOcking Up

explorer crashes everytime i close control panel / my computer

Explorer crashing

Explorer Crash

Explorer Error

Explorer crashes randomly

Explorer Crashes Many Times

Explorer Crashes Repeatedly

Explorer crashes when any task is performed on this folder!

Explorer and other services not functioning normally

explorer 100% CPU and .vundo virus

Explorer and 'My Computer' Freeze

Explorer keeps restarting

Explorer resetting continuously

Explorer freezes

Explorer not responding for about 30 seconds

Explorer 7 stopping

explorer stopping

Explorer ignoring 0 in filenames when sorting and.

Explorer Errors

Explorer Windows keep crashing in Vista

Explorer in XP

explorer error PLEASE HELP

explorer error when trying to open drives on desktop

explorer closes when you scroll

Explorer Freeze help!

Explorer.exe & Dr Watson error app crash too often

Explorer not working properly

Explorer Freezing

Explorer.exe crashes on start-up

explorer.exe hanging

Explorer crashes a LOT.

Explorer.exe and internet explorer problems

Explorer.exe freezes sometimes when I switch users

Explorer.exe Freezes upon logging in

explorer.exe crashes on startup

explorer.exe at 25%

Explorer xp freezing up

explorer.exe high mem usage

Explorer.Exe Hangs on every RDP or ALT TAB

Explorer Hangs

Explorer hangs in Win XP

Explorer Stops Responding - Vista

Explorer won't open new windows

Explorer.exe Constant Crashing

explorer.exe constantly opens

Explorer freezes everytime AIM/TS2/Vent opens

Explorer.exe constantly crashing

Explorer is crashin all of a sudden?

Explorer crashes in Windows XP

Explorer.exe locksup

Explorer is crashing without me noticing.

Explorer not working with a 2nd or 3rd window

explorer.exe frequently crashing

Explorer.exe and IExplorer.exe crash everytime I launch them

explorer.exe HELP

Explorer.exe keeps hanging

Explorer erorr!

explorer.exe not working.{Still to do: Get a copy of explorer extracted!}

Explorer.exe keeps crashing due to Malware

Explorer.exe closes suddenly and without error message?

explorer.exe keeps restarting

explorer.exe terminates and startup failure loop

Explorer.exe Always Crashing and Restarting and then crashing again.

Explorer locks up when opening folder with multiple video files

explorer.exe restarting over and over and over.

explorer.exe needs association

Explorer.EXE useing high amount of CPU

explorer.exe using high memory

exporer.exe keeps restarting!

exployer error

Explorer.exe not responding and crashes

Explorer.exe restarts Continuously

Explorer.exe hangs on drag

Exporer.exe keeps rebooting

Explorer.exe hogging CPU cycles

explorer.exe crashing and restarting

Explorer keep restarting?

explorer.exe using up too much of the cpu

Explorer.exe repeatedly restarting! cmd?

explorer.exe problem. error 0000005 everytime i try to open my computer

Explorer.exe shuts down and starts back up every few seconds

Explorer.exe restarting after virtumonde infection

Explorer.exe and Google Chrome malfunctioning

Explorer.exe crashes on boot-up

explorer.exe keeps crashing

explorer.exe crashes after logon

Explorer.exe randomly crashes!

external hard drives and folders with video keep shutting down explorer- PLEASE help!

File explorer causing windows to freeze


File numbering problem still not sorted

Filmstrip file explorer section height!

files do not refresh automaticall in windows explorer on xp

Folder Button in XP Explorer Doesn't Work

Folders crash since reformat

Force Apps "Pinned to Taskbar" ("Quicklaunch" in WinXP) stay next to Start Button

Force Windows Explorer to open in a given folder?

freeze in Windows Explorer

freezing and multiple .exe errors

getting windows explorer message

Hanging Windows Explorer

Having a couple of problems with explorer.exe hanging

Having a Explorer.exe fault and windows locking up

Having problems stopping IE7 from launching on Windows Boot and reboot.

Having problem with explorer crashing

Help - Windows Explorer error

HELP ;( Windows Explorer has stopped working

HELP ME PLEASE! Windows Explorer Error

Help Me! its about Windows explorer!

HELP My .exe file keep crashing? Solutions?

Help me: Windows Explorer.exe crash

help on windows explorer error log!

help on windows explorer error!

HELP TOO! Explorer errors upon launch

help windows explorer always crashing when opening computer

Help! Corrupt File Explorer.exe and pop ups out of control

Help! Explorer.exe problem help! - MOVED THREAD NEEDING HELP

Help! My Windows Explorer won't open!

Help! Windows Explorer disappears every reboot!

Help: explore.exe crashes

HELP: Windows Explorer Error msg

history bar in win 7

How can I Change the Windows Explorer Default Startup Folder?

How can I make Windows Explorer show folders in the left pane automatically every tim

How can I start Windows Explorer

How do I change windows explorer default?

How do I make IE windows open in a certain way?

How to cause Windows Explorer to open in a certain folder

How to disable auto refresh in Windows Explorer

How to fix the explorer problems?

How to fix windows explorer problem?

How to fix windows explorer not working!

How to get Windows Explorer to open in a certain folder

How to open Windows Explorer

How to prevent refresh when renaming files in Vista Windows Explorer

How to solve Windows Explorer problem?

How-To Minimize C: in explore?

I got infected and my Windos explorer keep starting

I have tryied everything but Interfreeze Explorer 6 SP1 still freezes.

i keep getting these 2 error messages in window explorer

IE 7 "Not Responding" w/ Windows Vista Home Premium

IE and AIM crashes upon startup pls help!

IE 7 Crash under Vista

IE not working plz

IE6 Default Directory

IE8 on windows 7 (huge lag)

iexplore.exe must hate me - nothing works.

If XP Explorer Crashes System Doesn't Recover Unless Reboot

Image files make windows explorer hangs

InPageError: Windows Explorer crashing

Inserting or Removing drives from USB causes Windows Explorer to restart

Intermitent browsing IE6

Intermittent 'Explorer.exe' Errors

irregular crashes of explorer

internet explorer crashing please review log - thank you:)

Jump Through Files in Open Explorer Folder Using Keyboard

Left pane in explorer stuck

List View file shift

Lockup at Login and explorer.exe [HJT Included]

lost windows explorer

MAC OS versus WIN Explorer

Manually have to run windows explorer?

Media files freeze when selecting in Windows (W2K)

Missing bar in Explorer

Missing buttons in Explorer windows

Mouse Hanging In Explorer

Moving Files Causes Crashes/Freezing

Moving Out Exp folder contents

Multiplying instances of Explorer.exe -> 100% CPU Usage-> BSOD

My computer freezes when i try open a folder.

My computer keeps freezing with the explorer.exe file

My Documents Drop Down Folder Has A Glitch?

My Documents slow as molasses

my explorer.exe closes and opens and won't stay still

My friend's Explorer keeps crashing

My Pictures folder freezes as it Opens and shuts down

my windows 8 pc freezes everytime i try to open any windows explorer folder?

My windows explorer is crashing.

My windows explorer (explorer.exe) keeps crashing

My windows explorer keeps freezing

Need help folder crash

Need Help Please! Windows Explorer error message in Vista

need help plz with windows explorer

Need help: Windows Exlporer hangs up.

Must Refresh to see New Folders/Files on Network Drive

My Shared Folder/When Opened/Locks Up

Network Drives hangs in windows 2000 pro

NMain.exe locking up system

No Windows Explorer suddenly. help?

No windows explorer

Occasional and random explorer.exe crash

Odd Windows Explorer History Icon

Often Explorer Crashes

Open Windows Explorer

Open Windows Explorer at C: not My Documents

Opening My Documents causes Windows Explorer to crash

opening docs from Windows 2000 Explorer

Opening Windows Explorer to default directory

Opening Drives in Explorer

Opening Windows Explorer or My Computer Causes that window to freeze.

opening "my computer"and explorer

Opening explorer in My Computer view.

Opening Windows Explorer to C: (using hotkey)

Opening a specific folder prompts a Windows Explorer error message.

Partition Magic 8.1 Showing Incorrect Drive Size

PC hangs when navigating File Folders

Please help IE Crashing Windows Explorer Crashing possible Vundo

Please Help : Explorer Hangs

Please help windows explorer doesnt work

Please help with windows explorer has stopped working error

Please! I need help! Right click - Properties - Windows explorer has has stopped work

plz help me with this error . my explorer gives error every time i close any folder

prblem explorer

pressing CTRL restarts windows explorer

Problem with Explorer 7

Problem with startup/ Internet and windows explorer

Problem with Windows Explorer: keeps disappearing

problem with windows explorer

Problem with Window Explorer

Problems back.Explorer.exe taking all CPU

problems with windows vista explorer

Problems with Windose Explorer

problems with windows explorer trojan virus


Quite an advanced problem of xp freezing

Random freezes explorer.exe crashing?

random explorer crash

Redoing windows xp

refresh issue

Refresh rate on Explorer

Refreshing my windows explorer

Restarting Windows without rebooting

Right click windows explorer failure

Right-Clicking Folders - Get Error Msg Explorer Stops Working

Right-Click Preview Program?

Scrollbars Moving Up and Down by themselves (WIndows XP SP2)

Seeking for a Windows Explorer Replacement


several trojans help what do i do a lot of them are to do with windows explorer etc

shell has stopped and explorer.exe is restarted

Shared Drive in vista crashes explorer. Please help!

Show desktop doesn't work when app isn't refresing

Slloooww Windows Explorer/freezing

SLOW explorer browsing. hanging.

Small Lag in Windows Explorer

Solved: [help] Vista Explorer.exe 40-60% cpu!

Solved: “Windows Explorer has stopped working” error

Solved: anti-virus freezing on these files

Solved: Blue screen and internet explorer restart

Solved: Browser and Windows Explorer trouble

Solved: Can't Delete History Item from Explorer Address Bar

Solved: CID Popups help and a problem when shutting down

Solved: constant Refresh window/menus

Solved: Controlling Windows Explorer

Solved: Corrupt explorer 7 files access & fixes.

Solved: Corrupt Vista/Explorer 7 files access & fixes.

Solved: Desktop crashes/explorer won't run

Solved: Desktop/Computer/Manage Stops Windows Explorer

Solved: Drop down Address Bar Empty

Solved: Drive labels in Windows Explorer different than in Disk Management !

Solved: Exlorer.exe keeps restarting Win XP Pro

Solved: explorer error message

Solved: Explorer Problem

Solved: Explore.exe freezes

Solved: Explorer Problems.

Solved: Explorer Crash on D:/

Solved: Explorer.exe continuously uses 99% CPU time.

Solved: explorer.exe keeps closing. possiable virus?

Solved: Explorer Issue? Nothing works for about 10 minutes

Solved: explorer.exe hogging cpu (again - sorry)

Solved: Explorer.exe keeps restarting

Solved: explorer.exe restarting endlessly!

Solved: explorer.exe stalls computer

Solved: Explorer.EXE crashes while I download files

Solved: explorer.exe using 100% cpu PLEASE HELP!

Solved: explorer.exe crashes. a lot

Solved: explorer.exe using about 50% of cpu

Solved: explorer_exe crash on startup

Solved: explorer.exe running at 99% CPU constantly

Solved: explorer keeps failing - HJT review needed

Solved: explorer crashing and restarting

Solved: explorer.exe Crashes everytime I close any types of folder.

Solved: explorer.exe crashing allot.

Solved: Explorer crashes then restarts.

Solved: explorer.exe freezes

Solved: explorer.exe process CPU hog

Solved: Explorer.exe Freezing

Solved: Explorer gives error message and closes all windows!

Solved: explorer.exe stops responding HELP ASAP

Solved: File Sorting Within Folders

Solved: Explorer Not Working

Solved: explorer.exe is hogging cpu

Solved: Folders I Open Will Not Move Back

Solved: Folder search history

Solved: Folder Default - Windows Explorer

Solved: Freezing Microsoft Explorer XP Pro

Solved: Help fixing Windows Explorer

Solved: Help Requested :-PC sluggish & Freezes

Solved: help with windows explorer needed

Solved: help with windows explorer.

Solved: How do I stop explorer.exe maxing out my CPU?

Solved: How to repair explorer.exe so i can explore hard drives in my computer?

Solved: IE hanging - HELP - even posting hung 2X

Solved: i need windows explorer help

Solved: IE Folder won't go away

Solved: Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer jumping all over the place.

Solved: Internet Explorer flash "Connecting" then closes

Solved: It's all not working! Please help!

Solved: Missing bars in Windows Explorer

Solved: My Explorer

Solved: Need help with Windows 7 Explorer

Solved: need help with windows explorer

Solved: New HD incorrect capacity/unallocated space due to XP w/o Service Pack

Solved: Newly announced secuity problem with Explorer

Solved: Open server in windows explorer?

Solved: OS/win explorer freezes after start-up

Solved: Pc Slows and Windows Explorer Crashes

Solved: PC is restarting when it is in the mood to do that.

Solved: PC crashed. Scan deleted win87em.dll and now IE wont run.

Solved: Preferred XP Theme Won't Stick

Solved: Problem In Explorer

Solved: Problem with explorer in vista

Solved: Process explorer.exe is using 100% of my CPU

Solved: problems with windows explorer

Solved: Qpening Windows In Ie6

Solved: saving files to desktop automatically in IE

Solved: Scrolling problems - Window keeps redrawing

Solved: Solved: Explorer not working

Solved: Start>Run>Dropdown not Saved

Solved: Sudden Windows Explorer Crashing

Solved: Trouble with Windows Explorer

Solved: unable to cure this problem plz help techie guys

Solved: Virus- Windows Explorer

Solved: vista explorer

Solved: Vista Explorer Issue's

Solved: Vista Crash when using Office programs and explorer

Solved: Weird problem with Windows Explorer

Solved: What's wrong? Explorer keeps crashing! Internet Slow! Pls Help!

Solved: What happened to my WINDOWS EXPLORER?

Solved: Where's my Windows Explorer

Solved: Win 8 Control Panel & Explorer

Solved: win explorer issue

Solved: Win XP: Windows Explorer problem

Solved: Windos 7 Windows Explorer not working propperly after system running for a wh

Solved: Window explorer error

Solved: Window XP Explorer error message (more details)

Solved: Windows 7 and windows explorer

Solved: Windows explorer help.

Solved: Windows Explorer always stops running

Solved: Windows Explorer and other programs do NOT work!

Solved: Windows Explorer File

Solved: windows explorer as default?

Solved: Windows Explorer Freezes

Solved: Windows Explorer freezes at Startup

Solved: Windows Explorer not responding and slow

Solved: Windows explorer Not WORKING

Solved: Windows Explorer windows on log in.

Solved: Windows Explorer won't work after replacing file

Solved: Windows Explorer Constantly Shutting DOwn

Solved: Windows Explorer Issue - Possible virus

Solved: Windows Explorer no l;onger works

Solved: Windows Explorer Crashes and Browser Freezes

Solved: Windows Explorer issues

Solved: Windows Explorer CPU reaches 100%

Solved: Windows explorer problem

Solved: Windows Explorer keeps freezing

Solved: Windows Explorer keeps hanging in Vista

Solved: windows explorer crashes

Solved: Windows Explorer Crashes Repeatedly After No Action

Solved: Windows Explorer

Solved: Windows Explorer keeps hanging in Windows 7 RC1

Solved: Windows Explorer Problems

Solved: Windows Explorer Missing

Solved: Windows Explorer repeatedly crashing

Solved: windows explorer not functioning

Solved: Windows Explorer Restart

Solved: Windows Explorer opening default setting

Solved: windows explorer error keeps appearing

Solved: Windows explorer error problems

Solved: Windows explorer has stopped working.

Solved: WINDOWS EXPLORER*32 : Gobling memory

Solved: Windows Explorer (not internet) stops working.

Solved: Windows Explorer constantly crashes

Solved: Windows Explorer Crash

Solved: Windows Explorer COMPLETELY missing

Solved: Windows Explorer.exe keeps crashing after bad install

Solved: windows explorer error msg

Solved: Windows explorer.exe mishaps. What's HAPPENING!

Solved: Windows Explorer stops working EVERYTIME - Need help Please!

Solved: windows explorer crashing when I go to control panel.

Solved: Windows explorer error

Solved: Windows Explorer stops

Solved: Windows explorer stops responding

Solved: Windows Explorer Crashing constantly

Solved: Windows Explorer default folder

Solved: Windows Explorer does not close now

Solved: Windows Explorer problems. Please help!

Solved: windows explorer cut

Solved: windows Explorer Repair

Solved: Windows Explorer Stopped Working

Solved: Windows XP explorer error message

Solved: windows xp explorer problem

Solved: windowsexplorer.exe freeze/crash/slow

Solved: XP Explorer Folders Missing Left Blue Section/Menus!

Solved: XP Flag Image in Explorer

Solved: XP start up error message from Windows Explorer

Start menu/explorer locking up

Start Menu causes program error in Windows explorer.

Strange explorer error message

Strange: It Takes Exactly 2 mins for Explorer Windows to Open!

Strange Problem with Explorer

Suggestions - Windows Explorer Alternative / Replacement

Switching Users explorer.exe freezes

system lockup due to avsynmgr.exe and explorer.exe errors

Task mgr showing CPU usage @100%-HJT log-need HELP!

Themes Crashing / Restarting Explorer Problem

Trojan/Closed Explorer= black desktop screen

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