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Could Anyone Please Help Me With My Vista?


you use prifiform defraggler ( the fastest defragmenter ) and defragment the drive, THEN you do the paging file. Click on the Start button and select Connect To from the menu on the right to display the Connect to a network dialog box. 2. I went to WEP with a 10-hexadecimal key, and got good connectivity. Reply Juliane says: 3 March 2010 at 15:25 The fix by eLHAMiiD, also works for windows 7.

Was so scared that my computer was gonna be wiped out of my important documents or just not functional at all. PS. Email it to [email protected] More features Topics Windows 10 Windows Microsoft Computing Laptops Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ magicmaster85 says: 6 years ago Thank you so much, after rebuilind my MBR from other sites, and finding out why all of a sudden (after installin Ubuntu 11.04) the Grub would

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I have my computer boot from my Windows disk, but then I get to those commands and nothing works. Starting up; shutting down; using the internet? Also by default windows automatically manages the page file, so you don't have to change anything.how can we set paging file tell me plz
can you please tell me how i the windows loads then the computer just restarts if i press F8 then the windows advanced option menu comes up and then a few possabilities such as safe mode safe mode

so many of you post how easy it is to install the recovery discs and BOOMSHEY its fixed!! I soldered the motherboard together on a generic circuit board. additionally i do not remember establishing a security code with the router. Microsoft This degree has helped to provide me with a solid foundation of knowledge and relevant coursework includes Volunteer and HR Management in Nonprofits, Grant and Contract Management, Program Evaluation in Public

Finally gave up and sent it in to Dell.. Eric says: 6 years ago Thanks! Solved it. But I don't know my username.

Yes, Microsoft said its deadline was 29 July, and the company is removing its hated GWX (Get Windows 10) pop-ups. Firefox you can get full solution of your problem .go through this link. Though I would probably perform a diagnostic of the hard disk and the RAM modules first. When I turned it back on I got an error "bootmgr is missing" and to press ctrl + alt + del so I searched for a solution and tried everything in

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its like my keyboard is not working when i m shifting from Mac to Windows. I've deleted the partition which had 100% free space.. Windows Vista Upgrade To Windows 10 the instructions you gave worked perfectly for me and i didn't even have a full version of the windows xp disk (all i had was the update version of windows) but Windows 7 When I rebooted, Windows 7 Pro loaded and I am now able to use it.

The two computers share a printer and this works too. But Vista says "cannot find any wireless networks" I don't have the "Manually connect to a wireless Network" option shown above". I find lots of good stuff that covers the opposite (hooking a Vista into an XP wireless setup). I tried to install it in a Raid Server and all it did was corrupt something that will not allow me to access the drive now. Windows 7 Download

It feels to me like there is some sort of conflict going on, but no clue why it would be. yields partial success with the appearance of the Flash Player Installation Wizard, but further in to the install there is an "error 1721" message that has something to do with the Thanks for this tutorial :) Brian says: 5 years ago This just saved my day. I just keep refreshing window explorer to monitor the decompress progress.

May 16, 2012 Reply Nicola @ 4:25 am @Watching The Net: I have set up my network after much hassle and support from manufacturer but every time I turn the computer Google Chrome Select Diagnose and repair if you experience problems with your adapter or network connection. It’s not unusual for a Windows PC to last for six or eight years.

i use a MacBook Pro, version 10.5.8 n i seemed to have compressed my Bootmgr n the same problem is og Alt+Ctrl+del is showing.

If MS had spent half the effort on evolving XP, instead of making all new chrome with less functionality, maybe it would have worked better. Found other sites but their instructions weren't as in-depth. I have the hp pavillion, i bought it new about two years ago my main problems are with using the internet and startup (i've cleared everything i don't need from starup Start/programs/accessories/system tools/disk cleanup.

I hope you find a better computer as well Thank-You Jeremy Pickett March 4, 2012 Reply Jim @ 9:32 pm I seem to have similar problems with other people, I have Reply Watching The Net @ 11:09 pm @Austin Tashis Check with the manufacturer to see if the latest driver is installed for your Network card. Change the name to something else so you can tell which is which, and use WPA. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-vista/vista-home-premium-to-vista-business-ultimate-question.html I was able to connect to the internet on the first day i tried to use the wireless network then after 2 or 3 days, i have no more access to

Then I stretched the XP partition back to the whole drive. Is it possible to put in the ip address etc manually on Vista? Windows Vista Update Hangs at "Checking For Updates" Started by KellyB56 , Apr 21 2016 11:37 PM « Prev Page 23 of 23 21 22 23 Please log in to reply i have all the photos in D drive...

when you using Windows 7 or you get error that compat is not a command then change the directory to c:\windows\system32 & then run the commands Reply steven smith says: 19 When I run the diagnostics, there are no errors. Great, concise post. Steve says: 3 years ago I have tried these commands but I get the response, "the device is not ready".