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Do You Like VISTA?


The fact that Windows 7 saves you the trouble of removing it is a bonus. MS has murdered the functionality of explorer! Must be a new generation of teen programmers who just think mousing is the only way to launch stuff. However as stated elsewhere, TRIM commands and SSD monitoring are available and functional with Vista through many management softwares that are free.

The large icons are distracting and don't offer enough information at a glance. January 10, 2010 Budds Hi If any one would like to use the Quick Launch toolbar for Win 7 then right click your taskbar, unlock it, right click again and select This is my preferred way of working. I can't launch more than one instance of an application in Win7.

Windows Vista Good Or Bad

It has the most built-in stuff and certainly is the most beautiful. Windows 7 has removed the work-around, so now I am being forced to go with the new, "improved" way of working. Drivers support isn't as bad as it's made out to be. It's like in the old system when you would have too many windows open, so it would stack them all together, HATE that.

  1. Do you think your clients are going to figure that out?
  2. More on that later.
  3. paint can draw shapes and you can precisely position/size them before flattening itself into the picture14) for some reason for me works better with the Tom's Hardware Website15) I defragged my
  4. I believe it was Windows XP and before when Windows had a customizable toolbar that you could place at the top of the screen (I think it was called the Office
  5. Also, when I get new e-mails or Facebook notifications, it'll show this on the Vista-style taskbar with the text.
  6. I'm not certain why this change is needed.

Arguably, AeroPeek and AeroSnap are useful, but AeroShake simply hides all background windows when you "shake" a foreground window. To bad the clowns at Windows/Microsoft/HP (they are all one to me) ignore the people that make their outrageous paychecks possible. After restarting, they were flagged as counterfeit copies. Windows Vista Vs Windows 7 Now, if I could just get the old Win2k style start menu back.

Did you ever have Vista? Windows Vista Failure Case Study I have to admit that I've turned this off but UAC—the thing that pops up and asks you for your password whenever you do something on the system level—is useful in Bugs that never get fixed Microsoft has the capability to fix problems. see here As long as you've got a reasonably decent machine-and if you're reading Giz it's likely that you do-you're pretty safe in upgrading.That said, we do have some major complaints: Advertisement 1.

In other words don’t let your program builders demonstrate the software. Is Windows Vista Still Supported After the release of Service Pack 2 (4/2008) and subsequent updates, performance continued to improve and was on par, or superior to that of Windows 7. Pinning items to the task bar was never an equivalent to the Quick Launch bar, for instance if you want to create a shortcut to open Explorer to a specific folder January 21, 2009 0zSpitt my only complaint about windows7, and it's nitpicky, is the taskbar is too thick.

Windows Vista Failure Case Study

Seriously. November 29, 2009 TJ Just installed the Windows 7 Home Premium. Windows Vista Good Or Bad I have a workflow that has been really fantastic for me with quicklinks at the top, normal taskbar buttons in the middle, then I have a custom taskbar pointing at a Is Windows Vista Good For Gaming After Beta 2, Microsoft shipped release candidate versions and finally the RTM.

Then, copy it to the "Startup" folder to start it when the computer turns on. For example, after installing a completely legal MSDN version of Windows 7 Ultimate, with keys from Microsoft, activated and operating for a few months, Microsoft released an optional hotfix to determine January 17, 2010 M4dn3ss I reckon the Windows 7 taskbar is way too confusing, and it's counter-intuitive too. Each step they take, they move 10 steps backwards. What Is Windows Vista

October 15, 2009 jamesmit the dock style would be fine for me if i double click the icon on the toolbar, and then it pops up a previously minimized window. Have a look at that link. RickS January 30, 2016 at 8:07 pm I haven't read all of the posts as yet but believe me I will, that said here's mine. One of the reasons I didn't stick with Linux is that all the window managers I tried either didn't support or broke this functionality.

Seriously, i would drag a folder over, then *bloop*… new task bar. Windows Me AnonymousJan 22, 2010, 4:05 PM Herr_Koos said: Some facts would be helpful. I just don't understand this push to fancy 3d, transparent animated user interfaces.

I'm working on a batch file that imports registry settings to convert anyone's taskbar to what mine looks like, and also adds a quick launch bar.

the floor around my desk is full of tufts of grey hair, and most importantly: i find myself avoiding using the thing 'cause i feel so defeated after a while. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if Start Task Manager wasn’t part of that menu. I loved the ability to synchronize my profile and data with my Windows 8.1 tablet and Windows phone, but couldn't overcome that terrible UI. Windows Xp October 22, 2009 PCAddict P.S.

imo windows 7 has awesome taskbar, way more usable than old windows way September 7, 2009 oomu "And the automatic stacking of separate instances of the same program is just insane, It's pretty simple to use. There is no way to change this back. http://magicnewspaper.com/windows-vista/vista-home-premium-to-vista-business-ultimate-question.html May 28, 2009 NADEEM I want my old Classic Start Menu..

Take a moment to learn something! Personally, I think that the new taskbar is a huuuge step backwards. solved Why do people say that Windows 7 Ultimate is better than the normal version? Nice docks, but bring back the old pinned items look!

I'll get used to the colours and icon for the start menu etc being different in no time, so long as I can keep the functionality that works best for me. What a waste! Subjective 2. February 22, 2009 neil I hate thw new taskbar., I tried and tried and tried, but after 5 days I give up, back to Vista for me, also I am am

December 27, 2009 Shane If i wanted a Macintosh I'd just buy a damn Macintosh. I like the vista theme but of course, xp is waaay better. And I'm not talking about wallpaper and changing the transparency colors. I want my Windows7 to look exactly like XP but function faster, that's it.

Trim support - SSDs are becoming more the norm and Windows 7 supports TRIM. BTW, I am the person who on the first boot up changed my desktop theme to Windows Classic. ;) TX. So, by changing the settings for a more "classic" taskbar, you get the best of both worlds. ;) January 20, 2009 rand2826 I hate the dock style taskbar. I always find the dock in the way, and it becomes easily cluttered.

I had something similar in XP by using the Quick Launch bar and leaving three programs visible on the taskbar. This covers changing the log-in screen, the computers theme, changing the mouse cursor style, and customizing other little features. They could easily be appended to Vista, but Microsoft chooses to make them 7-only, as if they are a reason to "upgrade" your operating system (kinda like Siri on the 4S). I moved all of my pinned items into the Quick Launch bar, like how I'm used to.

Open the folder then click the "Select Folder" button. 3. Fair. 7. It's great that this settting exists.